The birth of a child, the marriage to a partner, and the loss of a loved one are the most important events that we experience in life.  Many people find that they naturally want to have the church involved at those times.


This service, often called a Christening, is all about commitment.  First, it’s about God’s love and commitment to us and then, in response, it’s about our love and commitment to him.  When parents have a child baptised we want the occasion to be joyful and meaningful for them and so we feel it’s important to do some preparation beforehand.  If you’d like to enquire about having your child baptised please contact one of the clergy.

Padiham Parish also offers a Church of England service called Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child. This involves a Naming Ceremony and prayers of blessing for the child.  Again, if you’d like to enquire about this service, or want more information about how it’s different from baptism, please contact one of the clergy.


A Church makes a beautiful venue for your wedding and also offers organ, choir and bells; in addition a Church Wedding will give you:

The personal touch
Mark, the Vicar, or Mike, the Curate, acts as the registrar and minister for your wedding. But more than that he will take time to get to know you and plan the service with you – there are lots of possibilities when it comes to music and readings etc. In the months leading up to the big day Mark or Mike will also meet with you a couple of times to do some marriage preparation; couples find this both helpful and fun, and makes their wedding day more meaningful for them.

The spiritual dimension
As Christians we believe that a marriage is more than a contract between a man and a woman; it is a gift of God in which he joins a couple together on their wedding day. Not everyone choosing to get married in church would think of themselves as religious, but most couples feel that something special is happening on a spiritual level.  Getting married in church recognises and celebrates the spiritual dimension.

Can we get married at St Leonard’s or St Margaret’s?

If one or both of you lives in the Parish of Padiham with Hapton and Padiham Green then the answer is ‘yes’. If you live outside the parish there’s still a good possibility you can marry at St Leonard’s or St Margaret’s if you have a ‘qualifying connection.’  It’s best to speak to the Vicar to find out if this applies to you.

Can we get married at St Leonard’s if we belong to a denomination other than the Church of England?

Yes, but we have to use an official Church of England service.

How much does a church wedding cost?

Please contact the Vicar for the most up to date prices. Costs include the minister, building, organist, verger, reading your banns, and the marriage certificate. Things like choir, flowers, and bells (St Leonard’s only), are optional extras.

Does the Service have to be in the middle of the day and on a Saturday?

No, any day is possible and the service can be late in the afternoon (or early in the morning!) so long as the church and minister are available.

How far in advance do we need to book our wedding?

To be certain of getting the date and time you want, as far in advance as possible; but if you’re in a hurry things could be arranged in a month or less!

Can we use the old-fashioned wedding vows and service if we prefer?




Ministers of the Church of England are always ready and happy to minister to anyone who asks for them – even where there has been little or no contact with the church in the past.  Following a bereavement a family can contact the Vicar directly or, more usually, they ask a local funeral director to make the arrangements on their behalf.

Families are welcome to use St Leonard’s or St Margaret’s churches for the funeral service.  St Leonard’s Church has a burial ground on the Blackburn Road in Padiham which is open for burials.  New graves at St Margaret’s can only be offered to residents of Hapton and members of the congregation.